Finnmaster S6 is a perfect combination between sporty and innovative details. This boat allows you to fully enjoy a summer day, thanks to the many seats and the easily convertible sun deck in the bow. The wide helm with the streamlined windshield guarantees protection from wind even at high speeds.

We have spiced up the boat with many smart details, like several boarding steps to make it easier to come aboard, a fender basket to keep the fenders in place and plenty of storage space so that you can pack along everything you need for a day trip. The glow from the LED lights in the bow will lead you towards endless adventures at sea.


The Finnmaster S5 is the perfect leisure boat, and it is exceptionally convenient as a transport boat. Because the Finnmaster S5 is equipped with steps at both the bow and the stern as well as on the sides it is easy for the whole family to step on board.

The smart fender holder in the bow means the fenders can be stowed quickly as soon as you have cast off. Undoubtedly, the best thing about the Finnmaster S5 is the large steering console.

From behind it, you have full visibility while you and your passengers sit comfortably protected from the wind.


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